1992, Herbwalk in Sedona


William in the field! 11 1/2  hours total, this Herbwalk is available as DOWNLOADS, individually or as a bundle.  Liner notes follow.   $12 each “tape” of 90 min,   $80 for the complete set _________________________________________  


This series was organized by William himself and recorded by Ann Mooney, in one of his favorite places – Sedona. He’s accompanied by a small group of students, mainly out in the field.

DOWNLOADS are as follows, available as individually downloaded files ($12) or as a bundle of the complete set ($80).

Liner notes as follows:

Tape 1:   Native American cultures, matriarchy, comparing Native American life in New England & the Southwest, behavior of animals; false & true Solomon’s seal; valerian; doctrine of signatures, feeling a plant at all levels, Native ways of naming plants, Nat Muriaticum (homeopathic) for frozen opinions; red clover for thining blood; violet leaves, grated apple, mullein, toadflax (liver tonic), malva neglecta, horse/fleabane, red clover, burr clover, anti-clotting; aromatics, dogbane/apocynum for cardiac issues, tonic, kudzu, ailanthus/tree of heaven, poison ivy/oak, blackberry, water hemlock, agrimony.   (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 2:  Adapting to life in NYC (personal story), ginseng, codonopsis for yang people; client stories, perfumes; deer antler, Lyme, syphilis, spilanthes, echinacea, prickly ash, osha, effects of high altitude, food obstruction, triangle herbal formulation, types of patients, liver, small intestine, making formulas, contraindications, medieval dietary cycle, fear, licorice, diagnosis; liver stasis; sage, withdrawal from the world.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 3:  Signs of adrenal exhaustion, medical tests, cholesterol; seeds, chia, nutritional support for kidneys, food combining, he shou wu; solar plexus, menstral cycle, estrogen levels, hormone management, PMS, cramps, mugwort for depression, dong quai, vitex/chaste tree; blessed thistle; white sage to diminish cravings, bulimia, saw palmetto for anorexia, adolescence; solar plexus, nervous system, sage, chamomile, oats, adrenal exhaustion, neurotic dogs; sage, solar plexus, motherwort; needles from yucca, camphor, juniper, mistletoe, lambs quarters; yucca, snake bites, yerba santa, acacia, ephedra, Mormon tea.   (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 4:  Ephedra, pseudo-ephedra, douching; hormones, stimulants, adrenal support, adaptogens, environmental sensitivities, pollution; bee venom, nettles therapy; licorice, eleuthero; ginseng, vervain; peyote, hallucinogens, drugs; immortal (popcorn milkweed).   (Approx. 45 min.)  $12

Tape 5:  Thistle tincture, flower for concentration, dispel negative intentions; iris; gota kola & dreams, ginkgo, hops, death of George Washington, hops pillow; kava kava, currant bark as bowel tonic; agrimony (teacher-healer remedy); goldenrod; monarda/wild oregano/bee balm, thymeol, with osha generates lots of heat, for moisture; milkweed, pleurisy root; sweet cicely; digestive deficiency, pre/post-natal qi, iridology, stomach/Earth school; diurnal organ cycles, cravings; chocolate, pregnancy hormones; bitters, HCL, stomach fire; pungent; wu wei zi/schisandra; flavors; grains, importance of morning routine.   (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 6:  Ginger, galangal, phlegm, white signature, orange juice, expectorants; stomach issues, phlegm, fenugreek, balm of gilead, juniper, propolis, prickly ash, myrrh, echinacea for gums; expectorants, emetics, white horehound, lobelia, ipecac; sage, vervain, goldenseal, cultural attitudes toward vomiting, bowels, emetics; wild yam, pilewort; Russian thistle, Rocky Mountain bee plant, biscuit root, yarrow, quaking aspen tree (willow family), aspirin, nervous bladder, Solomon’s seal, uterine tonic, wild berry pie, laxative; golden rag wort (Senecium) for prostate, uterine cramp, petasites/western coltsfoot root; lupins; bitter mint/horse mint/cat mint, wild ginger, Rocky Mtn graperoot (barberry/mahonia): blood purifier, scrofulous skin conditions; berries cool liver fire.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 7:  Red root, firecracker for spleen, comparison with acacia; cat’s paw for cirrhosis, liver inflammation with white horehound; balancing herbal formulation, astragalus; AIDS; teas, tinctures and powders; strategy of mitigating crisis with deficient patients, fibroid example; “mother” formulae; goldenrod, calendula, pipsissewa/prince’s pine, lady’s mantle, shepherd’s purse; constitutional conditions, candida, cayenne; cervical dysplasia, hormonal fluctuations, gynecological issues, stagnation; urine therapy; placenta; crisis intervention, death spiral, protecting the body with slimy foods and herbs; Lyme, syphilis; encourage deficient patients to take charge of their own health, don’t do everything for them; insomnia, obsessive thinking; tale of Wm’s experience in NYC, nervous overstimulation.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 8:   Olive for exhaustion, gentian, gorse for grief, deficient people shouldn’t purge or do extreme therapies; colon problems, adrenals; air element, elemental imbalances, voice qualities; analysis of behavior of local shopkeeper; optimal kinds of meat, sage and libido, living in a yurt; sepia/cuttlefish; constitutional formulation.    (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

DOWNLOAD the full set of 11 1/2 hours: $80


PLEASE NOTE:  These are Archival Audio files, recorded “rough in the field” by amateur recording artists. We have enhanced them to some degree and added brief musical grace-notes to improve continuity between tapes or when gaps resulted from tape-to-digital transfer.

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