2002, March Lectures NYC


This series is available as a two part set of CDs, in elegant “bookshelf” cases with his manhole cover paintings and a photo of him at that time, or as DOWNLOADS, either individual “tapes” or the bundled complete set. CDs: $65 with FREE SHIPPING* each, Part One and Part Two    $120 with FREE SHIPPING* for complete…


This CD set is the March session of William’s last teaching series, organized by Claudia Keel and hosted by Hollis Melton in New York City. See the notes below for topics discussed. The seminar was held in New York in 2002, just a year before William’s death. He’s recorded with a small group of students, the third meeting in a series of six, sharing diagnostic techniques, theory and specific herb use.

The original recordings are missing about two hours due to a taping glitch, so this series comes in at 10 hrs 2 min, slightly shorter than our other sets.

Part One and Part Two are CD sets, each in an elegant “bookshelf” case, with the notes for each CD, so material is more easily located.  There are details of William’s manhole cover paintings on the case, and a photo from the year of the seminar. The discs themselves are abstracted versions of the manhole covers, through which to go… deeper…

CD17 Part One  $65 with FREE SHIPPING* (CDs 1 thru 4)

CD17 Part Two $65 with FREE SHIPPING* (CDs 5 thru 9)


DOWNLOADS AS FOLLOWS.  Liner notes, which vary slightly on the CD discs (and are noted per disc on case):

Tape 1:  Liver herbs, vervain, sage, bupleurum, premenstrual remedies, Jamaican dogwood, Wahoo (Euonymus atropurpureus) for liver torpor, liver cough, invading lungs, Wahoo (cont’d), Jamaican dogwood, migraines, olive oil, importance of pain, Parkinson’s question, gallbladder, armoring, boundaries, release work, emotional expression, black root, hepatitis C, liver & gallbladder voices, toadflax.    (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 2: Liver/gallbladder pathologies, toadflax, acne, headaches, celandine to purge fire, fringe tree, buldo, digesting herbal preparation, hallucinogens, lungs/liver/gallbladder/spleen palpation and diagnostic techniques  – (blank tape) –  Liver qi stagnation, shao yao wan, bupleurum, vervain, depression, asparagus root for lung component, liver yin, eye, menstrual signs, kidney yin, hepatitis C, blueberry extract, watercress, artichoke, dandelion, avocado.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 3: Blood and yin deficiency, signs and symptoms, liver and kidney, angelicas, amenorrhea, nails, fungus as deficiency, urine therapy, liver blood deficiency, signs and symptoms, dreams, sleep disturbances, ascending liver fire, clearing heat, purgatives, gen shen, coptis, lobelia.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 4: Liver high blood pressure, heat, gallbladder pathologies, olives for gallstones, diathermy compress (castor oil, ginger/mustard), wild yam, vision, gallstones, fad diseases, liver diagnosis, facial types by element, fire symptoms and pathologies, headaches… (NEXT DAY:) kidneys, elk antlers, preparation of herbs.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 5: Kidneys and bones and joints, ligaments and gallbladder, foods for kidneys, beans and seeds, game meat, endocrine system, diuretics: irritating (juniper berries, cockleburr, aromatic oils), protectant ( marchmallow, flax), neutral ( nettles, plantain), non-irritating (cleavers, gravel root)  – BLANK TAPE  –   5 element cultivation, face types, kidney qi deficiency, low back, ginseng, sha wu, winderworm/cordyceps, eclipta, cornus, schisandra, ginger, skullcap, milky oat seeds, cornsilk… (LUNCH)… kidney yin deficiency, tinnitus, rehmannia six, codonopsis,cornus, Solomon’s seal, saw palmetto, lyceum, schisandra.   (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 6:  Kidney yin herbs, kidney qi, yin and yang deficiency, cold, signs and symptoms, differentiation and causes, patents and herbs (aconite, processed ginseng, cassia, roasted ginger, dodder, fenugreek, black sesame),  dodder, kidney yang tonic, deer antler, infertility, false unicorn root, Jamaican sarsaparilla, greenbriar, persimmon, wild yam, saw palmetto, fenugreek, pregnancy, fertility, ovulation, low back pain, oils for traumas, arnica, DMSO, angelica, California poppy.   (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 7: Low back pain, digestive issues, ovarian pain, estrogen, adrenals, adaptogens, ma huang, Western nervines, glandular theory.   (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

FULL BUNDLE DOWNLOAD, just over 10 hours    $80


PLEASE NOTE:  These are Archival Audio files, recorded “rough in the field” by amateur recording artists. We have enhanced them to some degree and added brief musical grace-notes to improve continuity between tapes or when gaps resulted from tape-to-digital transfer.

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