2002, Jan. Lectures NYC


This series is available as a two part set of CDs, in elegant “bookshelf” cases with his manhole cover paintings and a photo of him at that time, or as DOWNLOADS, either individual “tapes” or the bundled complete set. CDs: $65 with FREE SHIPPING* each, Part One and Part Two    $120 with FREE SHIPPING* for…


This CD set is the January session of William’s last teaching series, organized by Claudia Keel and hosted by Hollis Melton in New York City. See the notes below for topics discussed. The seminar was held in New York in 2002, just a year before William’s death. He’s recorded with a small group of students, the first meeting in a series of six, sharing diagnostic techniques, theory and specific herb use.

Part One and Part Two are CD sets, each in an elegant “bookshelf” case, with the notes for each CD, so material is more easily located.  There are details of William’s manhole cover paintings on the case, and a photo from the year of the seminar. The discs themselves are abstracted versions of the manhole covers, through which to go… deeper…

CD15 Part One  $65 with FREE SHIPPING* (CDs 1 thru 6)

CD15 Part Two $65 with FREE SHIPPING* (CDs 7 thru 12)


DOWNLOADS AS FOLLOWS.  Liner notes, which vary slightly on the CD discs (and are noted per disc on case):

Tape 1:  Introductions, climactic elements, lungs and Po, congenital qi deficiencies, assessing lung qi, palpation, lung yin deficiency, allergies and aversion responses, allergies, bee-sting therapy, basics of the Chinese origin of the Triangle system, astringent tonics, upper respiratory tonics, aromatics, goldenrod, bee-sting therapy and allergies, wind-cold and wind-heat pathology, symptoms and remedies. (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 2:  Wind-heat and wind-cold continued, relative strength of herbs in formulas, phlegm and mucous obstructions, juniper for phlegm removal, prevention of environmental diseases, high-altitude assistance, removal of resins, osha root, anaphylactic shock, fingernail & finger diagnosis, palmistry, nasal & facial diagnosis, remedies for children, Q&A, illness as development, myrrh, resolving phlegm, expectorants, lung medicines, involvement of spleen, earth element in lung issues, colds. (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 3:  Avoiding sweets in children’s diets, combining herbs in formulas, kernels, expectorants and cough remedies, yerba santa, aromatics, gua sha, reading list, single herbs vs. formulae, lung herbs, cough remedies, expectorants, diagnosing sha, sweating, sha, asthma, mold. (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 4:  Discussion, environmental influences, large intestines, introduction and rules, laxatives, peristalsis, dietary issues, coffee and stimulants, tonification, toxic colon, colitis, bleeding, Crohn’s disease, loose stools, herbs for the bowels, dietary considerations for bowel conditions, colon cleansing, Crohn’s disease, facial diagnosis of bowel conditions, parasites, diarrhea.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 5:  Parasites, dysentery, miscellaneous bowel diseases, patient psychology and belief systems, voice characteristics of various constitutional types, (Beginning of Day 2:) suggested reading, introductions, Q&A, stomach issues, tonics, hiatal hernia, rebellious stomach qi, chamomile vs. catnip, the solar plexus, bitters, appetite suppressants, licorice as a harmonizer in combinations.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 6:  Sedating stomach function, building stomach qi, relative strengths in formula making, ginseng, tinctures vs. teas for the stomach, fluid intake and balance, herpes, food stagnation, pimples, stomach and its relationship to blood and qi, lips as extensions of stomach, facial characteristics: lips, surgery affecting the centerline, tongue and facial diagnosis, ulcers, licorice, astringents, anti-acids, coptis, stress-induced stomach problems, milk, indications from nail growth, break, six gentlemen, cough syrups, coldness and warming herbs, cinnamon.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 7:  Rehmannia, blood tonics, tonification before curing in Naturopathy, cleansing the blood, weak constitutional types and their response to strong herbs, appropriate dosage, sequencing nervous system after blood, liver, transforming emotions, emotions and their relationship to the liver, building and moving blood, Iridology, treatment of stagnation as revealed in the eye.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 8:  Acid reflux, soothing esophagus, protecting and repairing the upper GI lining, heat, blood heat, blood purifiers, skin problems, building blood to clean blood, ear infections, toxicity, dental issues, diurnal patterns, tonics, reactions to herbs, story about mandrake as a purgative, ginseng, vomiting, emetics, toxic remedies and reference material for same.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 9:  Toxic purgatives, aromatic oils, thuja, healing with food and lifestyle, endocrine imbalances and insufficiencies, schisandra (wu wei zhe), Chinese methods of processing herbs, joints, connective tissue and yoga, gotu kola. (Approx. 46 min.)  $12

FULL BUNDLE DOWNLOAD, approx. 13 hours    $90


PLEASE NOTE:  These are Archival Audio files, recorded “rough in the field” by amateur recording artists. We have enhanced them to some degree and added brief musical grace-notes to improve continuity between tapes or when gaps resulted from tape-to-digital transfer.

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