1991, July Herbwalk in MA


William in the field! 11 hours total, this Herbwalk is available as two CD sets with FREE SHIPPING, or as DOWNLOADS, individually or as a bundle.  Liner notes follow. CDs: $65 with FREE SHIPPING* each, Part One and Part Two    $120 with FREE SHIPPING* for complete set   PLEASE BEAR WITH US, THE DOWNLOAD VERSION OF…


Part One and Part Two are CD sets, each in an elegant “bookshelf” case, with the notes for each CD, so material is more easily located.  There are details of William’s manhole cover paintings on the case, and a photo from the year of the seminar. The discs themselves are abstracted versions of the manhole covers, through which to go… deeper…

CD11 Part One  $65 with FREE SHIPPING* (CDs 1 thru 5)

CD11 Part Two $65 with FREE SHIPPING*  (CDs 6 thru 10)


DOWNLOADS AS FOLLOWS.  Liner notes, which vary slightly on the CD discs (and are noted per disc on case):

Tape 1:  Internal emotions, liver/gallbladder, patching energy leaks, liver/gallbladder, reproductive organs, prostate, tribulus, white sage, saw palmetto, leaks and deficiencies, nettles, hiatal hernia, ulcers, digestive disorders, ulcers, stomach acid, slippery elm, stress, wild oat seed, chamomile, skullcap, diet. (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 2:  Diet, lung, Tang Xi Gong, bupleurum, sedatives, herpes, strengthening lungs, hyssop, anemia, building blood, nettles and rehmannia, nail diagnosis for the blood, questions in diagnosis, yin deficiency, liver/gallbladder imbalance and chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, diet. Diet anecdote, liver pathologies, genetic types, alcohol, parasites, facial diagnosis, mouth, nose profile, state of qi under the eyes, hepatitis.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 3: Facial diagnosis, diabetes, texture of skin, five elements reflected in facial structure, facial reflexology practicum, lung signs, more five element signs, inherited/genetic factors, students read William’s face, William does his own reading, qualities in facial features, organ/five element issues, colon, immune system, excretory functions, Crohn’s disease, candida, formula preparation, tinctures vs. formulas, pimples: from toxicity, blood heat/PH imbalance, or small intestine imbalance.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 4: Berberis, skin problems, hormonal/menstrual-related acne, green clay compress, sliced onion and moxa, stories from William’s practice, nervous/adrenal issues, taking patient histories, grief, lungs, talking with the basic selves, birth trauma, asthma, cayenne and mullein, organ energetics, ancestral and constitutional issues, ginseng, iridology.  (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 5: Tonifying lungs, questions, nervines:  chamomile, skullcap, motherwort, hawthorn, glandular and hormonal interrelationships, menopause, making herbal preparations and extractions, nervines, spilanthes, bowel nervines, wild cherry, evening primrose, coriander, laxative formula, aromatics, kidney issues. Outdoor Session: Uterine nervines, pain, William interviews students, recommendations for tonifying wei qi, stimulating gallbladder. (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 6: Further interviews: Breast issues, breasts as a chakra. (Lunch discussion.) Coffee enemas, managing patient treatment preferences, organic markets in NYC, peristalsis, laxatives, colon cleansing, fasting, herb suppliers, water consumption and fluid balance, patient stories, fibromyalgia. (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

Tape 7: (out of the above sequence) Fluid retention, five labors in Chinese medicine, English ivy as an astringent, white horehound, malva neglecta, goathead stickers (tribulus terrestris/rosetta), mugwort (artemesia), (Thunderstorm session:) Emotions, plugging energy leaks, calendula, self-heal, plantain, kidney issues, thyroid, adrenals, exhaustion from unresolved pregnancy, Q&A, diagnosis discussion, facial diagnosis. (6 min. orphan track, outdoors:) fish, food allergies, not giving energy to negative patterns. (Approx. 90 min.)  $12

FULL BUNDLE DOWNLOAD, approx. 11 hours    $80


PLEASE NOTE:  These are Archival Audio files, recorded “rough in the field” by amateur recording artists. We have enhanced them to some degree and added brief musical grace-notes to improve continuity between tapes or when gaps resulted from tape-to-digital transfer.

* Free Shipping is within the continental U.S. All others will have $25 (overseas) or $10 (AK,HI,etc) added. (Sorry, this is what is costs us. We are not Amazon.)  Orders from VA or MA will also have the required Sales Tax added.

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