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Thank you for the e-mail!  I ordered both.  That's great to know, that work is still being done to bring his much-needed information out into the world.  I wasn't sure if you were still working on it.  Yay!  I hope you get lots of orders.

Laura Loewen

I've been listening to William's Lectures from 2oo2 on CD. Amazing. I'm regretful to have missed the chance to study with him. However, I feel blessed to have these teachings, these gems, in my possession. His wisdom will live on through the practitioners who embrace his insights.

Judi Millar, Sacred Ground Herbals

Thank you to those of you who put this website up, to Ms. Noe LeSassier especially.   I'm Mara Marshall and I met William in the late 1980's when I went to have an herbal session and he helped me thereafter intermittently after my son, Patrick was born.  I did not know of his passing and I was so moved to have the energy and connection of this website.  He was such a special healer and I count myself very lucky for the few meetings I had with him-- he made an impact.  I thought to contact him to bring in my young son for help with hay fever and when I googled his name-- your website came up.  Thanks for having it there. 

Peace,  Mara M.

I didn't know William had passed on till just now. I knew William off and on for 9 years or so (1981-1991), when I lived in Manhattan, and was a patron and then manager (for the entire year of 1984) of Serenity herb and healing store, where William hung out and taught. Over the years, the most striking thing about William I found was that, behind his occasionally awkward, obnoxious, self-destructive, or enigmatic persona  -- and his obvious incredible, almost superhuman genius -- was a man of great humility, uncommon sweetness, rare generosity, and unexpected humor.

William helped without being asked to help. He couldn't help it, as it were. He helped me through an (unverbalized!) time of doubt and difficulty by giving me a brief free, encouraging, and dead-on palm reading, out-of-the-blue. At another time, he happened to look into my irises and tossed off another few gems of dead-on hidden, helpful info. When I became manager of Serenity, one of the customers told me that William said I was "excellent." I didn't know how he could have even remotely determined that, as we had spoken only maybe four times. I guess it just came out of his "third eye," or that palm-reading years before. It was just a nice and humble thing he did for me, not knowing it would ever get back to me.

Arguably the best herbalist, diagnostician, and holistic healer in town, William charged next to nothing and lowered even this for fellow healers and New-Age practitioners he knew were just scraping by. Even beyond that, he helped his clients find the cheapest way to get the good herbs that he prescribed. The health consultations were magically laced with an unexpected, wonderfully healing humor that seemed to come from the Cosmos, not from the serious practitioner of the healing arts that William was to all that knew him. I vividly remember that the first consultation I had with him was so accurate I experienced exciting results on many levels within a couple of days.

Of course we all heard the wild and woolly tales of William the wild-man, but no tales, no wildness, ever impinged upon the impeccable healer that William was, a Resource for all that knew him, a Channel for the wisdom of the universe. William knew more than 10 or 15 practitioners rolled into one, and shared his info -- much of it unique and irreplaceable --generously.

William, we will miss your encyclopedic knowledge and the help you always had for us at your fingertips, but most of all we will miss you, dude -- your sweet, humble, helpful spirit, just adding your beneficial gifts to the world.

Love, Aanel Victoria (aka Catherine Patton )

I first met William LeSassier in the summer of 1975 in Taos, New Mexico. I was 25 at the time. I drove to Taos from California with a friend to attend a two week meditation intensive with Ram Dass at the Lama Foundation (about 20 miles north of Taos). After the workshop, my friend continued east to New York. I needed a ride back to California. Someone told me that there was a man named William who was leaving for California the next day. I went to meet him and he welcomed me to come along. He had a 1954 milk truck with a top speed of 45 mph. He wanted to drive non-stop and brought food along in a cooler. I remember spending the first couple of hours in the front talking with him. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with him. We had two other travelers with us but they couldn't drive, so William and I took turns driving for a few hours and sleeping in the back for a few hours. We only got to talk at the very beginning of the trip. We made it to Los Angeles in 24 hours and parted company.

The next year I spent 6 months studying with a spiritual teacher in New York City (Joya, but called Jaya Ma now). On my way back home to California I stopped in Taos to visit a friend. She told me that she was taking a class in herbs with William LeSassier at the Christos School of Natural Healing and the class began the next day. She invited me to audit the class the next morning. I did. That morning began with total chaos as 40 students from all over the country were there waiting to register. I was standing in the back of the crowded room waiting. At one point the sea of bodies parted for a moment so I could see William. Our eyes met and, without hesitation, he said: "Hi Richard". I was amazed. We had spent one day together a year earlier, he was in the middle of dealing with signing up 40 students, he wasn't expecting me, and yet he remembered my name!

The class my friend had signed up for was two days a week for 10 weeks. Each day was divided into three 3 hour sessions. The morning was on herbs. The afternoon was on massage therapies, which included chiropractic, deep tissue work, lymphatic massage, reflexology, etc. The evening was devoted to various spiritual topics. There were other classes like anatomy that one could sign up for as well. After the registration was taken care of, we went outside for the herb class. I remember we all sat out on the grass under a tree and it was a beautiful sunny morning.

About half way through the class, I was drawn into meditation. I then saw that there were three spirit guides around William. The main one had the appearance of an ancient Egyptian. I don't remember much about the other two except that they were healing guides. The Egyptian was more of a spiritual teacher. Seeing guides, auras, etc. was not unusual for me at the time. I had spent 3 years at a psychic school learning clairvoyant reading and psychic healing (Berkeley Psychic Institute). I had done many psychic readings. However, it was unusual to have this guide come over to me and begin a conversation! What he talked about was how good the class would be for me and how the timing of spending the summer in Taos would work into my plans. I remember feeling afraid that this was a come on, like a used car salesman, but I become more and more at ease as no pressure was put on me. In fact I was told I could take the class for free. I might be asked to teach a little as an exchange though. This conversation lasted about 5 minutes. It ended graciously with a reminder that it was simply an invitation.

When the class ended, William got up immediately and walked into his house. People started to leave but I felt very relaxed and was enjoying a few more minutes sitting there. About 5 minutes went by and William came out of his house walking fast and straight to me. He sat down with me and made the same exact invitation the guide had made. It was almost word for word! I thanked him and told him I would think about it. My basic issue was that I had no place to live for the summer and very little money.

It was a Sunday and I remembered that the Lama Foundation offered free lunch and Sufi Dancing on Sunday afternoons. I went. When the last Dance ended, I remember standing with my eyes closed for a moment. The thought occurred to me that maybe I could live at Lama and attend the classes. I asked and was told to attend the weekly meeting the next morning. I was accepted into the community for the summer. Normally all Lama community members are expected to be there to work and study 7 days a week. They made a special exception for me to attend the Christos School because they felt it was such a special opportunity.

I had a great summer and learned a tremendous amount from William. I continue to use the herbal formulas and nutritional information. For many years I did massage professionally. My main emphasis was Polarity Massage, but I integrated everything I learned that summer and called it "Healing Massage". One fond memory I have is William taking the class on an herb walk one evening. I was walking next to him and he opened my eyes (inner eye) to plant and tree spirits. It was something I had never tuned into before and I enjoyed seeing the elementals and sprites and devas very much. Only twice did he ask me to teach his evening class so he could have a break. I never asked how he knew I was qualified to teach this!

After that summer I only saw William once more. In the early '80's I was interviewed on a radio station in San Francisco. As a perk I got taken out to lunch after the recording session. I was told that the person they were going to interview that afternoon would join us for lunch. It was William! What a nice surprise. We had a fun reunion and I remember exchanging contact information. When I wrote his name down on a piece of paper, he commented that he was impressed I remembered how to spell his last name. I had to chuckle that the man with the photographic memory was impressed by me!

Funny, for about 30 years now I think of William almost every day. He's with me when I go grocery shopping, when I drive by Yarrow plants along the road, when I walk by Cleavers next to a stream, when I commune with the Redwood devas. I will always love him. He will always be my friend and my teacher.

Sincerely, Richard (Hanuman) Robbins


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